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Nora Beach Resort & Spa
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Koh Samui Weather Statistics and Seasonal Information

Koh Samui's monsoon season starts in October with the north-east monsoon carrying moisture from the Philippines and Indonesia. The south-west monsoon from India, which mainly affects Phuket and the Andaman coast is rarely felt on Koh Samui, as a massive mountain range on the mainland shields Thailand's eastern shore. Read more at the Koh Samui weather statistics and climate chart.

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It's summer year-round

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Current Weather Conditions and Forecast

See today's weather and a seven day marine meteorological forecast provided by the Dept. of Survey & Mapping in Malaysia, and additional links to weather reporting sites.

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Media Reports Related to Koh Samui Weather

Koh Samui weather makes the headlines: Articles and weather stories about Koh Samui.


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